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Linux : trovare file modificati dopo una certa dataLinux : find files modified after date

Succede di voler sapere quali sono i file modificati dopo una certa data su linux Per scoprirlo il comando find ci viene in aiuto If you want to discover which files have been modified after a certain date you can

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Subversion add files with “@” in name

To add files with “@” in name you need to add a @ at the end of the filename: for example svn add [email protected] won’t work to make it work instead use svn add “[email protected]@” ( use double quotes to

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Iphone simulator… taking screenshot

Today i was preparing the support page for my iphone application and i needed to get a screenshot of the app. Because of i’m so lazy, i prefere to not take the screenshot from my device and than import in

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Uninstall Xcode

Well, the tip of the day is How to uninstall Xcode from your OS X installation

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OS X , keyboard shortcut to open Apps

Here we are with a brand new section of tips&tricks I want to open this section with a very useful trick. Sometimes happens that , using my mac , i open a new finder window and with cmd+a navigate

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